“To travel you simply need to exist.”
Fernando Pessoa
Discover Portugal and everything we have to offer sharing our authenticity.
The Portuguese Ways proposals are specially designed to become an experience of knowledge, human value, sharing and diversity. From a theme and your research or a desire of yours, we create the route of each journey where nothing is left behind. Everything is considered to make your trip unforgettable, including our preferred hotels, the selected menus or the complementary experiences proposed! All the details are designed to create an environment of well-being and pleasure with the necessary flexibility to adapt the trip to the specific interests of the travellers.

From the fascinating and recent Portuguese architecture to the most distant villages, come and unveil all the secrets that this country has yet to reveal! Stroll through the streets and alleys of the cities and taste the delicious fresh products of the sea or land always so well paired with the tasty Portuguese wines. From archaeological antiques to the charm of medieval traces, along with the less known art collections to the fantastic waves for surfing, discover one of the last well-kept secrets of the European continent.

In the company of a cook from Alentejo, spend the morning learning how to cook some of the tasty flavours of the south of the country and lunch the delicious meal that has just been prepared, during the afternoon discover how the tiles are made and finish the day sharing the Portuguese soul on an electric tram ride through the streets of Lisbon watching a live Fado show. 

Imagine your adventure because to us it will be a tremendous
pleasure making it an unforgetable reality!

The beauty of Portugal exists not only in its mild and sunny climate. The geographical map is the result of many achievements and each region of the country reflects a diversity of influences found in villages and towns, monuments and traditions. And the sea is ever-present... There are almost 2000 km of coastline, including the mainland and two archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean, with eleven incredible islands.
All this is within your reach! Discover here what your next experience will be. We will create your dream itinerary.


Portuguese Ways has selected the most charming hotels in Portugal to be our partners. You'll find here a hotel selection that has our confidence and that's why we propose them to you.
Hotels can and should be an active part of the trip in order to give you a full travel experience. Choose or let us advice you accordingly to your preferences and you will discover the real Portuguese warm hospitality. Enjoy!