Tailor Made

If you’re someone who prefers a more independent travelling experience, or you’d like a specially planned programme & route for your tour, then welcome to Tailor-made Tours. 
In response to special requests, we have created a team of travel designers who organise ‘made to measure’ programmes & routes, which include a wide range of experiences for independent travelers.
Please contact us and we will be in touch! 
We would take great pleasure in putting together a programme to suit your interests and/or include the places in Portugal that you would like to visit.
Let us know where you would like to go, when you intend to visit us and how many people will be travelling with you and leave the rest to us.

How it works


Whether a friend recommended us or you discovered us online, only you can take the first and most important step to make things happen: contact us via email or phone.


Tell us about your interests. What inspires you and what amuses you. What you enjoyed the most during your past trips. If you've done some research already and have an idea about what you would like to explore and discover, share it with us. We will take notes to make everything as perfect as it can be.


Let us share our expertise with you.
For several years, Portuguese Ways has created countless exclusive and unique tailormade trips. We have teamed up with an array of incredible partners, from all over the country, to be able to offer you the most fitting experiences. 
From the hotels to guides and drivers who will accompany you to your unique experiences, we will take care of everything.
We will design the first draft of your trip and share it with you. Then, according to your invaluable feedback, we will make whatever changes you deem necessary.  We will work together until you are satisfied.


If you accept our proposal, we'll initiate the booking process. We ask for a deposit of 20% of the cost of the trip and, behind the scenes, we begin to confirm all the elements that are part of this story. 45 days before your arrival, we ask that you make the final payment.


Before your arrival in Portugal, we'll be keeping in touch, whether to make minor adjustments or to communicate details. We are on this side for whatever you need.
When you arrive, you will receive a welcome package with all the necessary information so that you always feel accompanied by us. In addition, you can call us at any time to clarify a question, to ask for a recommendation or to share your thoughts about the trip!

The Stories

We want you to share with us the memorable moments of your trip. Send us your photos and tell us about your unforgettable experiences in Portugal.

Contact us. Fill out and send us the form below.
We have a team ready for you!

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