Portuguese individuality

Art and Culture

From vibrant contemporary architecture, to music and literature, there is an entire artistic identity to be unveiled.
Vast and rich, Portuguese culture is synonymous with a very unique identity that was born from a past influenced by countless peoples and customs.
A trip through the arts and culture of Portugal is like diving in an ocean of many shades that are revealed through the types of housing, the religious manifestations, the gastronomy, the folklore, the typical Portuguese pavements, the tiles, the literature, the painting, the dances or the country’s very own musical style.
And to discover these peculiarities that are the essence of the Portuguese people, there is nothing better than having the invaluable help of dedicated people, such as expert guides, curators and art historians.

Lisbon, Art and Architecture
Fernando Pessoa’s Lisbon
Saramago and his works
Workshops: The art of savoir-faire
Tile Painting Workshop
Porto, Art and Architecture