Beauty & Diversity


Of rich and diverse natural beauty, Portugal is much more than its bright and luminous capital or the fantastic waves of Nazaré. 
The Mediterranean climate sets the tone for a backdrop of contrasts: from mountains and plateaus, to vast plains or sunny beaches with never-ending sandy stretches. The islands of Madeira and the Azores, in the Atlantic Ocean, are true gems that complete this backdrop with unique vegetation, extinct volcanoes and caves full of natural sculptures.
If you are a nature lover, in Portugal you will find ideal places for you to simply enjoy or to practice extreme sports and activities. In any case, they will be moments that you will surely never forget and it is a great pleasure for us to help you plan your trip!

Whale Watching
Taste a gin with the sky above
Hills and Mountains. The Heritage of the North
The Algarve. Traces of the Mediterranean
Bird watching
Dolphin Watching