True "crown jewels", the Azores and Madeira archipelagos are pearls that emerge in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean.
Those who go there are always impressed! The breath-taking landscapes of unique beauty are the perfect frame for the islands of the Azores and Madeira.
From waterfalls, volcanic caves, natural pools, primitive flora and fauna... the charms are endless.
The refuge of countless species, the Islands of the Azores, are a lost paradise. This wilderness is a popular destination for seabirds to nest: it is a true sanctuary on land, but also at sea, where whales cross the blue waters of the Atlantic.
The small ports invite you to take a dip, and the beaches could have thick, black, fine, white sand or small, hidden sandy stretches in places as unlikely as they are beautiful.

The magic extends to Madeira, whose archipelago is formed by the main island, Porto Santo, and the Selvagens Islands and Desertas Islands.
It is in Funchal, the capital, that colonial history mixes with gastronomy and natural wonders.
A typical image of Funchal is the wicker carts on the hillsides, used as a means of transport between the mountains and the city.
The old centre displays works of art installed on the façades of historic buildings, and the iconic local wine is another of Madeira's signature images, along with a unique cuisine based on local ingredients such as the black swordfish.

But Madeira is not just Funchal. The golden island, as Porto Santo is known, is stunningly beautiful. The mild climate invites you to enjoy the huge sandy stretches composed of fine sands (with proven therapeutic qualities), and the calm waters of the sea. Besides the beach, the city of Vila Baleira has hidden stories and legends that visitors should definitely consider visiting.

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