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Flavours and wines

As the popular expression says, “it makes your mouth water!”, and there is no doubt about that. Gastronomy is one of the wonders of Portugal.
It has history, tradition, is connected to regional diversity and, of course, to the sea. But above all, it's simple! 
From the traditional markets to the wineries from the north to the south of the country, we can enjoy delicacies such as Alheira de Mirandela (Mirandela Sausage), Serra da Estrela Cheese, Caldo Verde (Green Cabbage Soup), Grilled Sardines or Migas Alentejanas (Bread Stew). Not forgetting the famous cod and its endless culinary forms or the unforgettable Pastel de Nata.
Being the home of the first region demarcated wine, Portugal has more than a dozen wine regions that will delight all those who believe that it is around a table and with a beautiful glass of wine that the best stories in life are created.
In Portugal the meals will surely be plenty, tasty and of course, accompanied by good wine!

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