This ancient city that dates back to pre-Roman times is a mysterious and genuine port.
The usual fog that covers it is part of its charm and when walking through the streets of Porto it is impossible not to feel the unique character of the place and its people.
Bathed by the river Douro, the capital of the North is undoubtedly special and has already won respect all over the world. It is a World Heritage Site, home of the illustrious port wine and the famous francesinhas.
Its history reveals aspects of the Middle Ages, the Baroque and the Neoclassical periods, but the winding streets also lead us through Porto’s other history that deserves to be explored.

The Ribeira, one of the oldest and typical places of the city; the Ponte Luís I, which rises between the banks of the river Douro; the Tower of the Clergy, with its 240 steps, from which it is possible to observe practically all the points of the city; the Livraria Lello, considered one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world; and the Café Majestic, which oozes glamour!

There is a lot to see and admire.

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